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The Ones Who Sleep  Through The Storm

The story begins thus, with two men sitting in a room. One with a sealed envelope detailing precise locations on the planet Mars. The other, using out of body techniques to travel through space and time and visit these locations. The following documents are from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website. 

If you don't believe me... click HERE. After all, I can't make this stuff up, can I...?


Hmm... Most interesting, yesYou have to wonder, is all of this true? Maybe it is... Maybe it isn't... Perhaps what I wonder about the most is the philosophical view of Those Who Sleep Through The Storm. How do they think about the universe? What do they think of their inevitable doom? 

The most important question though, is this... Did they keep waiting? Or did they achieve the exodus they were searching for?

Maybe they're watching over us now. Perhaps one day, when we have killed all things beautiful we will begin our own journey into the stars, searching for a new home. In the end we will all just be Poor Wayfaring Strangers, and Those Who Sleep Through The Storm will either be our salvation, or the prophecy of our destruction. 

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