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The Gateway

Hello dear Reader. Have you ever wondered what the mind is capable of? Have you ever sought understanding within yourself? The human mind is the most complex machine in the known universe, and you don't even know how to use it. Thereby it is impossible for you to see the world as it truly is. It is impossible for you to find the truth.

But perhaps there is a way... A gateway perhaps. A way by which you can unlock your mind's true potential. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't... I'll just leave this here and let you decide.


1. What is the Gateway Experience?

2. What They Found

3. The Universal Hologram


On September 10th, 2003 the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) declassified a series of files, among which was found an Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process. The report was written in 1983 and documents the observations and experiences of US Military personnel who attended The Monroe Institute in order to assess The Gateway Experience, as well as its practical uses.

The Gateway Process was originally created by Robert Monroe, the founder of The Monroe Institute. Monroe was a radio executive who's company, RAM Enterprises, produced over 28 shows monthly. In 1956, he created a Research and Development team to study the effects of sound on the human mind. 


Robert Monroe


It is said that while studying sleep learning in 1958, Monroe found himself "paralyzed, and vibrating with a bright light shining upon him." This phenomenon occurred several more times and resulted in what Monroe described as "Out of Body Experiences." He began to document this strange phenomena and in 1971 published a book titled "Journey's Out of The Body." 

Monroe became enthralled with research into the powers of the human mind and consciousness. His studies focused on technology he later patented as Hemispherical Synchronization. The idea was that using binaural sounds the two different hemispheres of the brain, which normally process information separately, can become synchronized allowing those listening to find deep states of relaxation or even altered states of consciousness

What They Found

So what exactly did the CIA discover about The Gateway Experience? 

"Fundamentally, the Gateway Experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space. The participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers."

Participants of The Experience also noted that having reached Focus 10, a basic level of thought and meditation through the Hemi-Sync process, they were then able to sufficiently expand their awareness and obtained practical feedback which they could use for self-discovery and personal growth. 

At this point the participants were able to access a variety of advanced techniques, and learn certain methodologies which were called "tools." Below we will go over a few of the tools in as simple and brief a way as possible, for more information please reference the full report.

Problem Solving - The problem solving methodology was for anyone seeking to see a problem resolved. The problems could be anything from a difficult physics question, mathematical equations, or something more personal or emotional. The participant could expand his awareness, and project the problem to the Universal Hologram (See Below). Upon doing so, the participant's "Higher Self" being disconnected, at least in part, to both the physical realm, and the problem itself, would provide a solution. However it was discovered that often times, not only would an answer be provided but also an understanding of potential consequences as well.

Patterning - Having achieved Focus 12, participants were able to essentially practice a form of deep manifestation. Any goal, or desired objective, whether it be physical, emotional, or intellectual, the participant was able to project that desire to the universe. And while having projected that desire or goal, did not mean that it would happen, what it did is it created a universal potential for that desire to be made manifest.

Color Breathing - In the Focus 12 state, participants were able to envision their bodies, and then envision vivid colors on certain parts of the body. This tool is primarily used to sync the mind with the bodies energies, and use certain flows of energy to heal or balance certain parts of the body.

Energy Bar - Similar to Color Breathing, the Energy Bar is envisaging a dot which you then focus universal energy into. The goal is to then expand the dot into a bright rod of energy which the participant could then use to heal or revitalize certain parts of the body. A correlation is drawn to the common use of staffs, wands or scepters, in folklore or occult practices.


Remote Viewing - Instead of turning your dot of universal energy into an Energy Bar, you can, alternatively turn it into a swirling vortex which your imagination can then enter. Upon entering participants were connected to their subconscious and given images and symbols which might give them various levels of insight.



The Universal Hologram