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Dear Reader,

I have for you a story. I've decided to share it because it causes me to think, and it causes me to wonder. The truth is hard to find in this narrative. Perhaps the truth isn't to be found in the events that take place. After all, truth exists on multiple dimensions.

Will you be able to find it?

I was contacted by Ms. Harris some time ago, and have since transcribed the audio of her story. Here it is in as raw a fashion as I can relate it, while keeping it clear and precise.


The Testament of Cameron Harris


Thank you, I... I can feel this story like... like it's a weight on my shoulders. I've thought a lot about how to tell you what happened, but all I can do is tell you the truth.

It was last year, when Mom and Dad got the divorce. I guess they separated for the reason that most people do. It wasn't a big surprise, not to us kids, but that didn't make it any better. Now, to be fair, as far as divorces go it went pretty well. It was civil.

Dad had a good job, so he let Mom have the house in exchange for a good visitation deal. Mom didn't want the house though, so she sold it, which kinda pissed my Dad off but I guess it's whatever at this point.

Anyway, we move into this new house, and it's nothing special. It was old, but it didn't feel as old as it was. There had been several renovations done to keep it up to date. At the very least, it was nice to have a house that wasn't filled with the memories of a failed marriage.

Mom got herself a new job at the bank in town about twenty minutes away. That left me at home with my sister Alex, who was fifteen at the time, and the baby... Connor. He'd just turned one.

I remember Alex getting a phone call, and she came in begging me for my car keys. She said something about there being a party at her friend's house, and since I didn't have any plans I let her go. I know she didn't have her license but I'd let her drive me around enough to know she could do it, and her friend's house wasn't that far away anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.

After she left I went and got Connor's playpen from his room and brought it into the living room. I made sure he was changed and had a full bottle and let him play while I watched TV. It was a lazy day, not much to watch, not much to do so I let the cooking shows play and scrolled through my phone.


I'd been there for a little bit when I heard the doorbell ring, and then shortly after that someone knocked on the door. I jumped up and opened it to find who I assumed to be the next door neighbors.

They were both old, the woman kinda looked like one of those summer moms that spent too much time in the sun.

She just kinda introduced herself like "Hey there, my name is Helen, and this is my husband, Donnie. I made you a sweet potato casserole. Just as a welcome gift."

And I was just like, "Gee, thanks," you know because it was kinda weird for me, as I'd only ever seen this kind of interaction on TV. 

But Donnie was standing behind her, and he's the one that caught my eye and freaked me out. He was tall, and kind of a lean guy, like he wasn't skinny but he wasn't too big either.

He eyed me up and down, and his thick bushy mustache wiggled a little as he did. Honestly he gave off some like... pedophile vibes, or something, I don't know he was just creepy.

I've seen the way guys look at me sometimes okay? But there was something about this Donnie guy. Something that made me uneasy.

When I came to that realization, I actually kinda looked down at myself and realized what I was wearing. now I wasn't like, you know, scantily clad or anything, but I was in some short gym shorts. Now I don't know if that was too... too risque or something, but Helen kinda tilted her head and gave me a once over and sighed like "oh, honey," or something condescending like that.

Which, at the time, wasn't a big deal, right? Because sometimes old people are like that, like, anything that doesn't cover your ankles is a sin or something.

But what I remember so vividly are his eyes.

They looked hungry.

I thanked them again, and did my best to politely shoo them away. It took a minute, but they eventually left.

After... After I closed the door I realized that I was kinda sweaty, and my stomach was feeling strange. I felt sick.

I put the casserole on the kitchen counter with no intentions of eating it, and went to check on Connor. He was fine, just playing with his toys and watching Cutthroat Kitchen or something.


Now, I don't know what it was, but after meeting the neighbors I was feeling restless. I felt weird and I couldn't sit still for very long, so I figured a shower was in order. I went back to Connor's room and I got his baby monitor, then went to Mom's room and got the other piece. That way I could listen out for him while I was in the bathroom.  

About this time it was beginning to get dark, and I was texting Alex to see if she was fine, and she was, everything was good.

But it was about that moment the lights in the house flickered. Which was strange because I couldn't remember hearing any storms on the news or anything. I thought it was weird but figured since it was still an older home it might have it's quirks, so I didn't think much of it.

Anyway, I got in the shower and had the baby monitor turned up so I could hear it in case he started crying.

Now... I, you know I hadn't been in the shower very long when I heard the monitor make a noise. It sounded like static at first, and caught my attention. It made the sound again, and again.

Then I realized what the sound was. It wasn't static. It wasn't Connor either.

It sounded like someone saying "Shhh" over and over again.

In a panic I jumped out of the shower, but I slipped and hit the tile floor really, really hard. I remember opening my eyes, and listening to the shower still running as the lights in the house flickered again.

Then they went dark. The whole house went dark.

I got up as quick as I could, but the floor was wet and slippery and I almost fell again. When I got to the living room, I saw it.

It looked like a person. Like a really creepy and tall person that was standing naked over Connor's playpen.

I screamed. That's all I knew to do was scream because... because someone was in my house and was trying to take my baby brother.

As soon as I screamed it turned around and when it did, light filled every window. It was almost like someone had set up stadium lights outside of our house and turned them all on at the same time.

Thick beams like lasers cut through the house, and the sound of humming, like the sound you hear when you're next to an electric generator. It hummed so loud and so deep that I felt my whole body vibrate.

I saw it's face then... and I see it's face now. As clear as day. It had an elongated face, and these big black eyes, like the eyes of a shark. And it looked at me with the same expression that I had seen on his face earlier. On Donnie's face I mean. Like it was hungry.

And in it's in arms was my little brother.

It's mouth opened, and it's body hunched forward as if it was screaming at me, but I couldn't hear anything because of the deep hum. It was beginning to make me light headed, my fingers and toes tingling.

Then whatever it was ran. It moved in such an unnatural way that I don't even know how to describe it. The motions were fluid, and smooth, like the way a spider moves. It knocked over furniture and ran down the hallway.

I don't know what overcame me, because I was so incredibly scared that I didn't know what to do or even what to think.

But I remember chasing after it. I didn't really think about it, I just ran behind it, but no matter how fast I ran I couldn't catch it.

I ran out of the house and into the back yard, but everything was so bright that I couldn't see.

Then the lights turned off. The humming stopped. And I was left standing in the back yard.

I called out to Connor. I called his name till I couldn't speak.

I looked all over the house for him. Just to be sure because I knew what I'd just seen couldn't be real. But he wasn't in the house. He wasn't in the yard either.

I don't remember what time it was when the cops got there. I didn't call them. I just woke up in an ambulance, and there they were.

After that... After that it was just an endless loop of telling different people my story. The cops didn't believe me, and my parents... They put me in a psychiatric hospital for six months. Once the doctors realized they couldn't find anything wrong with me they let me go.

Things at the house weren't the same. And we couldn't talk about it. I mean I don't know how else to say it we just... we couldn't talk about what happened.

Since then I've tried to come up with something, anything to explain what had happened, because what the cops kept telling me was just wrong. It just wasn't right.

I'm not okay. Haven't been and I know that I never will be. It's just a fact of my life now. The doctors keep suggesting that maybe I come and live in a group home with other people like me. Maybe it's for the best that I do. The medicine that I have now helps a little bit, helps me forget, and I just kind of float through my day.

Anyway, I'm sure you've seen the news. I'm sure you've seen what everyone else says about what happened. It's not true.

I get why they say things like that, why they try and explain it away. It's because they can't understand, and they can't accept what they don't understand. They want answers, but the truth is in this story there are none.

And I just have to live with that. Thanks for listening.