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Declassified UFO Documents

Dearest Reader,

       As of January 2021, the United States Central Intelligence Agency, declassified dozens of records of UFO sightings, as well as other unexplainable phenomena. The CIA declassified these files just one month after US Congress Passed a Covid-19 Relief Bill, in which was an added provision calling for the declassification of any documents related to unidentified flying objects.

I present to you some of these files. My aim is to provide ease of access, and understanding in regards to these disclosed documents. What you find is up to you. 

It should be noted that I have cut, and pieced together some of these pages so that they are easier to read. Many of the pages on the original CIA site were scanned multiple times, and they were difficult to navigate at best. If you wish to see the original PDF files on the Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room, you can do so HERE

It is time for us to be discerning. Stay of sound mind and challenge all things. There is more to come.


Flying Saucers In Spain And Africa

DOC_1 UFO's over Spain and Africa-1.jpg
DOC_1 UFO's over Spain and Africa-3.jpg

UFO'S Flying Over Uranium Mines

DOC_2 UFO's Over Uranium Mines-2.jpg
DOC_2 UFO's Over Uranium Mines-3.jpg

A German Scientist's Notes

DOC_3 German Scientist's Report-2.jpg
DOC_3 German Scientist's Report-4.jpg
DOC_3 German Scientist's Report-7.jpg

Unconventional Aircraft

DOC_4 Reports of Unconventional Aircraft

Flying Saucers In East Germany

DOC_5 Flying Saucers In East Germany-3.j